Your use of Albums That Work (ATW) may cause issues with your facebook account. While we do everything possible to prevent loading errors and facebook jail, ATW does not have any control over facebook, and their policies govern your facebook account. Our privacy policy has more information regarding your ATW account security. By using ATW you agree to use ATW only in accordance with current facebook policy. The facebook policies are available on their website. ATW requires your permission to access your information on the Facebook platform. Two permissions are needed for ATW to post albums and cover images to your facebook group. The publish_to_groups permission is used to read from and post to the groups you have allowed ATW to access. The user_photos permission is used to post images into the group albums ATW creates on your behalf. You can use the Facebook settings to limit the groups ATW is able to interact with on your behalf. ATW is only able to interact with groups where it is installed as a group app.

Your subscription to ATW (whether trial or paid) allows you to create albums in your own facebook group with your own facebook profile using the technology in ATW. No other use of ATW is allowed or implied. A subscription does not imply ownership or licensure of ATW. A subscription may be terminated at any time for any reason.

Payment agreements are set by PayPal. PayPal retains all financial information and forwards only receipt of payment notifications to ATW. ATW does not receive or maintain any financial information. In the event that PayPal is not able to process your payment, your account will remain active for 35 calendar days from the date of last payment. PayPal will attempt to collect payment up to two times before suspending your ATW account. Your albums will remain in ATW for a limited time after subscription suspension or cancellation per the privacy policy. Upon cancellation of a paid subscription, the user may apply for a full refund within two (2) days of the last payment. A prorated refund may be requested for up to one (1) month provided ATW has not been used since the last payment to create albums on facebook. The proration will be based on the percentage of the days left in subscription. Refunds beyond one (1) month are not permissable.

By using ATW you agree to these terms of Use.

Please contact our administrators at with any questions regarding our terms of use.