AlbumsThat.Work requires access to your Facebook account in order to perform its functions. AlbumsThat.Work stores very little information about you. It stores the app specific user id provided by Facebook, your name, and your email address (if provided by you) to facilitate communication. In addition, the id of the groups you upload to are stored in the logs (encrypted), however they are not stored in a database. It also stores information you upload directly to AlbumsThat.Work, including album names you create within AlbumsThat.Work, as well as the album covers you upload. This is all of the information stored about any user of Should you desire to have your information removed from AlbumsThat.Work, please email with your request (this email address is linked in the footer of every page). Your personal information is deleted from the system within 60 days of account cancellation.

AlbumsThat.Work stores limited information regarding your payment information. Since all of the financial transactions occur on paypal, it only stores your payment id, subscription id, and paypal id. It does not store any credit card information or personally identifiable information. AlbumsThat.Work does access your Facebook account in order to determine which groups you manage and allows you to decide which albums and photos to place on which facebook groups.

AlbumsThat.Work will store the account information for any user for at least one month past a trial expiration or two months past a paid subscription expiration or cancellation. This is done in order to prevent having to reload all of the album information if an account accidentally expires. That period may be extended if requested. If you have information on AlbumsThat.Work which you would like removed, please contact our administrators at The deletion process may take up to 3 business days.

AlbumsThat.Work does not share any collected personal inforamation with anyone else for any purpose. If our system is compromised we will inform each user as soon as we discover an intrusion, including all the information that could have been obtained. If you are aware of any security vulnerability, or desire more information regarding the security framework for AlbumsThat.Work, please send an email to the support address.

Please contact our administrators at with any questions regarding our privacy policy.